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"I want to stay away from Maricha"

Do you know the story of Maricha  assuming the form of a beautiful Golden Deer to disguise Sita and Rama, mentioned in the Hindu Epic Ramayana. I believe the Golden Deer and Sita story mentioned in Ramayana has two beautiful angles, one how your enemies can drag you out of your comfort zone by disguising you with its beauty, charisma and thoughtful manipulation and secondly, a true representation of human greed and desire in the form of Sitas’s desire to have the Golden Deer as her own once she saw it. I think almost all of us have had that moment in our lives when Maricha influenced us. How does he do that? By manipulating our minds towards something, which is never there or is not meant for us. Greed and desire often develop through our visual memories and allude our minds in the shape of Maricha, assuming some beautiful forms (material, emotional, physical) and take us away from ourselves, our goals, our dreams. Maricha lives inside us.

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What do I think about myself...

At the age of 36, I sometimes look back and think, is it a mistake to choose the life I have chosen? To leave behind the comforts and trying to see the world differently. But then, I realise, if all the great story tellers would have thought the same thing and chose a conventional life, we would not have had so many beautiful stories around us, to inspire the world and make this world more meaningful place to live.  

Throughout my professional life, I have never been a settler. I worked in many industries, starting from Construction and Engineering, Retail, Interior Designing, Finance (which is my actual background), Non-profit, Printing and Publishing, Photography and Film making, Content marketing and Brand Consultant and what not. Within a span of 15 years its been some exciting experiences. Throughout these years, only one thing was constant. Travelling. I grabbed every such opportunities which gave me a scope to see a new place, know new people, taste new food and experience myself with the journey of life. Once I took the camera in my hand, whole things have changed for me. I got a new purpose in life. Capturing the stories and sharing them with the world. In last few years I got some really exciting opportunities to work with and for a few esteemed organisations like National Geography, Taiwan Excellence, UNICEF, Assam Tourism, India Tourism etc and also started a few of my dream projects. This little website of mine is started to share my journey so far and to be, to share my knowledge I acquired so far and to be, to get inspired and to inspire a few, and to try to develop a market for talented photographers of the region.  

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