Incredible Maguri

It was a fine winter morning in Maguri Wetland Tinsukia (Assam). Maguri wetland is famous among bird lovers in all over the world. This wetland in upper Assam witnesses a large variety of migratory bird specifics every year. But this wetland also carries significance as an example of sustainable co-existence of human-wildlife. Large local community is dependent upon this wetland for day to day livelihood.  As this wetland is connected with Dibru river which connects Bramhaputra river, this wetland inhabits a large variety of fish and amphibian species. One must choose the golden hours to witness its beauty and varieties of bird species during October to April, every year.

The Home Comings

Manas National Park is one among 5 National Parks of Assam. Though this park doesnt offer much for the landscape photographers, it is a paradise for wildlife lovers. Landscape Photographers can definitely try a few compositions during the golden hours in Mathanguri range. This images was taken in Mathanguri range, where one can see these Elephants under forest duty and were returning to their base after completing their day long work.

The Perfect North

Night Skies, milky way, start trails fascinate every photographer. All most every one loves such nature of photographs. This subject demands some basic knowledge about night skies and advance level knowledge of Camera techniques. Out of all the requirements, one has to find a night sky free form light pollution. I took this image from a small sand bar (seasonal island) of Bramhaputra amidst Dibrusaikhowa National Park of Assam. Dibrusaikhowa provides some exciting opportunities to do river safaris and spend your night in a houseboat besides the Dibru and Bramhaputra river.   

The Thor's day

Arunachal Pradesh, also reffered as the land of Rising Sun, is part of the North-Eastern States of India.  Arunachal is a paradise for photographers who have interest towards landscape, wildlife, birds, people, culture and travel. Though the best time to visit this state is from October till May, but traveling this state during peak monsoons will give the traveler a totally unique experince. During the monsoons traveling becomes risky due to high landslides but its worth taking sometimes. I often feel mighty Thor’s presence when ever I traveled this state during monsoons.

Hunting Trail

The Silent hills

The hills of Arunachal Pradesh carry the stories of thousand years and whispers them into your years. You can feel strength as well as peace at the same times. And sometimes it scares you with its unpredictable nature and weather. This image was taken on the way to Mayodia Pass of Lower Dibang valley. A must to visit place for Nature and Wildlife lovers and researchers. The best time to visit this place is form October till May. This place demands for responsible behavior from the travelers regarding environmental consciousness.

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