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Orang National Park is the smallest national park of Assam out of total 5 National Parks. The interesting fact about Orang is, it shares the same habitat and landscape with Kaziranga National Park though river Bramhaputra works as a separator between both the national parks.Though this protected area has only 79 square kilometers of area, it has a very high Tiger density.
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Eastern Range of Kaziranga National Park will often offer you such beautiful wildlife landscapes if you choose to take a morning Jeep Safari to the park.
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Sun-rise over Maguri bil is something you must witness if you are a landscape lover. The winter mornings will offer you misty and foggy atmosphere with all the colour of the sky. Though I started my photography journey as a bird watcher and bird photographer, my love for landscapes developed after witnessing such beautiful scenes.
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An Evening in Kaziranga, when the sun slowly gets down in the horizon, tourists occupy the watch towers to check out the last hour wildlife movements, dusty atmospheres created by the returning Jeeps, give some memorable moments in the central zone, if you love to shoot. As a photographer you just need to look back what you left behind.
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If you ever visit Shivsagar, never miss to see and shoot the shiv dol with shiv sagar tank during night. If you plan properly you even can shoot a magical star trail by keeping the tank and temple in your foreground. But yes you will have to be technically little sound to composite two frames with different exif and specially when you have to shoot the stars by avoiding light pollution. But I can assure you the results will be very dramatic.
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During the golden hour, view of Guwahati city from Gandhi Mandap, is a must for anyone who wants to see the layers of this historical city. Gandhi Mandap will give you a clear view towards the North-west of the city and if you are using a telephoto lens you can definitely shoot the historical Saraighat Bridge, provided the weather is free from mist, fog and dust.
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And once you get closer to this first ever bridge over river Bramhaputra, it will mesmerize you with its majestic landscape.Saraighat bridge was named after the famous historical battle between the Ahoms (Rulers of Assam) and Mughals (Rulers in India), where Ahoms were never bitten by the Mughals.
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If you have love for dark dense forests, a must place to visit for you is Dihing Patkai Wildlife Sanctuary. With a total area of approx 112 square kilometers, this WLS is sharing the geographical area of both Dibrugarh and Tinsukia districts.This WLS has the only Rain Forest of Assam. A paradise for the wildlife lovers. This WLS has the records of Royal Bengal Tiger as well.
Dihing Patkati WLS, Forest covers of Assam
As the name suggests Jaipur Rain Forest, will always welcome you with the cooler and wet atmospheric breeze and lots of leeches. This forest reserve is part of Dihing Patkai WLS and a paradise for butterflies along with other flora and fauna. You will never see sun lights in many patches of this forest. If you are a photographer, you need better to be prepared to shoot with high ISO.
Dihing Patkati wildlife sanctuary, Jaypur Rainforest, Evergreen forests of Assam
Her name is MV Mahabahu, the one and only luxury river cruise one can have here in Assam. This cruise majorly provides two types of packages and sails from Guwahati to Shivsagar covering lots of places like Kaziranga, Tezpur, Majuli, Jorhat, Shivsagar and provides some exciting experiences to her guests and comes back. Packages start from around Rs.1.50 lacs per person.
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The new bridge of Saraighat over river Bramhaputra to share the traffic load of the old bridge.
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Barshapara international Cricket stadium, also officially known as Dr. Bhupen Hazarika Cricket Stadium has been enlisted to host IPL matches recently.
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Dispur, the capital of Assam, and the secretariat complex, which is the heart of almost all administrative divisions of Govt of Assam.
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Gandhi Mandap and the other side of Guwahati City. Gandhi Mandap is a popular place for tourist to witness Sun-set over the Guwahati City. In 2018 India's tallest National Flag was installed here. This was an image taken in 2017.
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National Highway 37, connecting the Guwahati city with Upper Assam. This is the famous Jorabaat area, entry to Guwahati from upper Assam.
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